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Tax reform

Aust money photo * The ALP & LNP are the DEFICIT TWINS - they promise budget surpluses but deliver massive deficits.
* Today, federal govt debt is over $500 billion (debt was "only" $54 billion in Dec 2007).

* Nobody wants to pay more tax.
* Nobody wants their services reduced.

* The inconvenient truth, is that the government needs to reduce spending (or increases taxes) just to balance the budget - let alone start paying down the debt.

Too much debt ALWAYS ends badly.

The ALP & LNP are effectively bankrupting future generations - spending TODAY the tax payments of FUTURE generations, leaving future generations with a massive govt debt to deal with.

Future generations will pay their tax, only to find that money has already been spent by: Rudd govt, Gillard govt, Abbott govt and Turnbull governments.

Some tax concessions are unfair and should be removed.
Almost 50% of superannuation tax concessions go to the top 12% of income earners, with the current system especially biased against very low income earners and women.

The solution requires reduced spending and taxation reform:

Multinational tax avoidance:
We will tighten related party transactions for foreign domiciled multi-national corporations (MNC), to prevent profits generated in Australia being reduced to low levels (or zero) by accounting “tricks.”
We will legislate full disclosure of accounts.
We will not recognise tax haven (low tax jurisdiction) identifications.
We will legislate full disclosure of the UBOs - ultimate beneficial owners.
MNCs that refuse to co-operate, will be taxed on their revenue - not their (artificially low) profits.

Capital gains tax 50% concession:
Under the present rules, a taxpayer who purchases an asset and maintains ownership for at least 12 months, only has to declare HALF the capital gain as taxable income when the asset is sold.
We will remove this 50% concession (as it used to be).
The tax leakage from the present 50% concession is estimated to be more than $5b/year.
The family home will remain CGT exempt.

Superannuation (contributions phase) tax concession:
An employee can salary sacrifice (instruct employer to pay an extra portion of salary into superannuation account instead of receiving that money as salary). This additional superannuation contribution money is currently taxed at a flat rate of 15% into the fund (or 30% for portion over $300k salary).
High income taxpayers (45% marginal tax rate) are currently only taxed at a low 15% tax rate.
A fairer system would have all employer contributions (compulsory and additional) taxed by the employer at the employee’s marginal tax rate (0%, 19%, 32.5%, 37%, 45%).
The estimated tax leakage from the present 15% flat tax arrangement is estimated to be greater than $16b/year.

GST: No change – stay at 10%.
Marginal tax rates:
No change. (0%: $0 – $18.2k; 19%: $18,201 – $37k; 32.5%: $37,001 – $80k; 37%: $80,001 – $180k; 45%: $180,001+)

Company tax rate:
No change. (30%)

Negative gearing:
Existing arrangements already in place, will be allowed to continue.
In future, only newly constructed properties to benefit from this arrangement.
Paul Keating (1985) called NG an, "Outrageous rort."
Malcolm Turnbull (2005) called NG, "Tax avoidance."

Dividend franking credits:
The imputation system was established (by the ALP in 1987) to end the double taxation of dividends – good idea.
The Howard LNP government changed the rules to provide tax refunds of some (or all) the company tax paid on the shareholding, if the taxpayer’s tax rate was lower than the company tax rate (and the dividends were fully franked).

For example:
A company makes a profit of $100.
It pays $30 tax to the ATO.
It pays a fully franked dividend of $70 to the shareholder.
If the shareholding is inside a superannuation account that's in retirement phase (0% tax rate), the ATO gives back ALL of the $30 tax paid, to the shareholder.
Thus, the company does NOT pay any tax on the profit, and the shareholder does NOT pay any tax either.

We will end these tax refunds for EXCESS franking credits – i.e. return the system to the way it was originally.
Superannuation funds are currently taxed at 15% for accumulation phase, which means they receive dividends PLUS a tax refund of half the company tax paid (for fully franked dividends) on their shareholdings because their tax rate (15%) is half the company tax rate (30%).

We will implement taxation reform
Authorised: Andrew Beeham BSc BEng
32/8 Tilley Lane, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086