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Welcome to the Australian Centre Party.

We need 500 people to form a new federal political party, because the major parties can't be trusted:

Decades of live animal export cruelty. MPs rorting their entitlements. Govt debt out of control (now $518b). Unfunded election promises. "Free-trade agreements" destroying manufacturing jobs. Multi-nationals paying almost no tax, etc.

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sheep photoBan live exports
747 photoCut MP entitlements
parliament photoFix govt debt
greyhound photoBan greyhound racing
home photoAffordable housing
money photoTax reform
cigarette photoPhase out tobacco
nesteggs photoSuperannuation
passport photoLower immigration
solarwind photoRenewable energy
car photoProtect manufacturing
fish photoGreat barrier reef
farmland photoForeign sell-off
CSG photoCoal seam gas
wedding photoTraditional marriage
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