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Ban live animal exports

Ban live animal exports * There is overwhelming evidence of appalling cruelty from the live animal export trade.
* In the 1980s, an Australian Senate Select Committee was established to investigate the Export of Live Sheep. The Committee reported back in 1985, with the recommendation (see below): "Purely on animal welfare grounds, there is enough evidence to stop the trade."
* That was more than 30 years ago - yet the trade has continued (as have the atrocities) to this day.

* 40,605 sheep were burned alive when transport ship Farid Fares caught fire (1980).
* 67,488 sheep were burned alive when transport ship Uniceb caught fire (1996).
* More than 20,000 sheep were half-slaughtered and buried alive in Pakistan 2012.
* Cattle killed with sledgehammers.
* Cattle eye-gouged for restraint.
* Most of the atrocities are never reported.

The ALP & LNP know all this, yet turn a blind eye.

live export ship * Deliberate under-reporting of animal deaths at sea.
* Livestock transported in pools of excrement & urine.
* On-board veterinarians who have spoken out, have been sacked.
* Each year, over 100,000 livestock die mid-journey.
* Weak animals are thrown over-board to drown at sea.
* The industry has a long history of systemic animal cruelty, and deliberate lack of transparency.

We will ban live animal exports.
1985 Report
Authorised: Andrew Beeham BSc BEng
32/8 Tilley Lane, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086.