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Renewable energy

Solar and wind farm photo * Australia now has some of the highest electricity prices in the world.
* We used to have some of the lowest!
* Various state governments have sold off their generation and transmission assets to private groups, who now price gouge consumers.

* The promise of privatisation was supposed to deliver lower electricity prices, but the exact opposite has occurred, and consumers are paying the price.

Generation and transmission assets should be government owned - as they used to be.
We do NOT support a carbon tax.
We do NOT support an ETS (emissions trading scheme) - another great big new tax.

We support a mixture of various forms of renewable energy generation & traditional power generation, with an emphasis on clean renewable energy production.

Australia has an abundance of sunshine, which should be utilised for energy production.
Australia has an abundance of suitable wind generation sites.
Australia has many suitable sites for pumped-storage-hydro electricty generation.

The cheapest form of electricity production is the burning of coal, however, the environmental consequences are significant.

The national electricity market is broken.  There needs to be transparency regarding the tactics used by the (now private) generation providers, to explain the surges in electricity pricing, which benefit themselves at the expense of consumers.

Electricity is an essential supply, and that supply should be reliable and affordable.

We support renewable energy.
Authorised: Andrew Beeham BSc BEng
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